10 Legit Ways to Sell Internet Bandwidth for Cash

There are so many ways that you can make money online using the internet, from freelance writing to selling your data.

If you’re interested in passive income, you might be considering selling internet bandwidth.

This is a pretty simple way to earn money. It’s sort of like getting paid to leave your computer running where you essentially sell your computer’s unused power.

If you want to sell internet bandwidth, make sure you read the rest of the post to learn how it works, where to sell it, and how much money you could make.

What will I learn?

What is Internet bandwidth?

Internet bandwidth is the maximum rate of data transfer in a given amount of time. While bandwidth is often mistaken for internet speed, it actually refers to the volume of information that can be sent over a connection in a measured amount of time. It’s calculated in megabits per second (Mbps).

Can I sell internet bandwidth?

Most people don’t come close to using the entire bandwidth that’s available in their residential internet plan. Also, people aren’t using their internet 24/7, you know? During times like, when they are sleeping, or out of the house at work, no bandwidth is being used by them.

This is why some companies have given users the option to sell this spare bandwidth. When you sell your bandwidth, the company will rent it out to others and allow them to use it through your IP address.

Often, these companies provide VPN services. If you don’t already know, a VPN allows a person to access the internet through a different IP address/country than where they reside. For example, a person in the UK could use a VPN service in the United States.

With these services, you’re selling your internet usage to other users for their browsing behaviors.

Where Can I Sell My Internet Bandwidth?

Short answer: You can sell internet bandwidth to places like IPRoyal Pawns, Repocket, and Honeygain. For more places to sell bandwidth, and why it may not be worth the risks, make sure you read the rest of the post.

1. IPRoyal Pawns

  • Earnings: $0.20 per 1GB shared.

With IPRoyal Pawns, you can make passive money online by sharing your internet.

Simply install the app on the devices you want to use and connect them to the internet. Then, run the IPRoyal Pawns app, which securely shares your internet connection with no access to personal data.

IPRoyal Pawns pays pretty well. How much you earn depends on the amount of traffic, in GB, that you share and how long you keep the application running on the IPRoyal network. The longer you stay online, the more you’ll earn.

You only need $5 to cash out as well.

2. Repocket

  • Earnings: $24 per month for 2 devices and 2GB shared per day (income varies)

Repocket is another one to try. Again, this company pays you for sharing internet bandwidth. You can sign up and once the app is installed, your unused internet will be shared in the background. You can pause or disable this at any time.

Earnings vary depending on the number of devices you have and how much data you share.

You can withdraw your earnings to your PayPal account.

The minimum cash out amount is $20. So that is much higher than IPRoyal Pawns.

3. PacketStream

  • Earnings: $0.10 per GB

PacketStream is a peer-to-peer proxy network. You can get paid to share your bandwidth as a Packeter.

Packeters are paid for sharing their bandwidth on the PacketStream network and allowing users worldwide to have access to content on the internet through the company’s secure network.

The company’s customers can purchase bandwidth and browse the web from residential IPs.

To get started, just sign up for PacketStream and download the company’s app. Once installed, login into your account, and you’ll start earning credits.

Payment is sent to your PayPal account. The minimum withdrawal amount is $5, and a 3% fee is applied.

4. Honeygain

  • Earnings: $18 per month for 2GB shared daily (pay varies)

Honeygain allows you to earn money by sharing your internet. You can install Honeygain on any Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, or Android device with a stable Internet connection. Then you run Honeygain, and once it is active, it securely shares your internet connection.

Pay varies depending on how much data you share, and whether you opt in for Daily Content Delivery.

Payment is sent to your PayPal account.

5. Privatix

  • Earnings: Pays with crypto currency

With Privatix, you can earn money selling your spare or idle internet broadband. You get paid instantly with crypto. Payments come from buyers who purchase the bandwidth through third-party applications or directly.

You can earn crypto, but how much you earn varies.

6. Mysterium Network

  • Earnings: Pays with crypto currency

The Mysterium Network works in a similar way to Privatix, where you sell your bandwidth for cryptocurrency. Earnings vary depending on factors including the number of IP addresses you offer, the speed of your network, and your location.

7. LoadTeam

  • Earnings: Vary

LoadTeam is a Windows app you can install to earn money sharing your internet. The app runs in the background processing jobs one by one.

These jobs are conducted using your computer power, including processor, memory, internet, and electricity. The company doesn’t state what these “jobs” are.

From my digging around the company’s help section, I found that LoadTeam uses your computer processor and memory to mine coins. So, that’s likely the “jobs” that the company refers to on its homepage.

When a job is completed, your computer sends the result to LoadTeam, and you’re paid for the job. You can transfer the money to your PayPal account when your LoadTeam balance reaches $1.

You can run LoadTeam on as many computers as you want to, and the longer and harder your computers work at completing jobs, the more you get paid.

8. Nanowire

  • Earnings: $0.45/GB

Nanowire is another site that pays you with cryptocurrency. In this case, Nano.

Nanowire runs in the background and earns you money. Simply allow Nanowire to forward other internet connections through your connection, for money.

9. EarnApp

Earnings: $24 per month for 2 devices and 2GB shared per day (income varies)

What I like about Earn App is its automatic payout. They pay per GB but the amount you get varies based on your country. For example, if you are in the U.S. you get $0.45 per Gigabyte.

10. FluidStack

Update: No longer available.

One option that people used to recommend was FluidStack. Sadly, the company has changed its business model and is no longer accepting residential IP addresses. So, you can no longer use it to sell internet bandwidth and earn money.

Consider the Risk of Selling Your Internet Bandwidth

Selling internet bandwidth seems like a good way to make money, right? You may as well earn some cash for the internet you’re not using.

Sadly, I’m not sure that the amount it pays is worth the risks involved.

When sharing your bandwidth, you have no control or visibility over what people are actually doing with your internet connection. This can lead to your IP address being marked as a VPN and being blacklisted by some websites, or even you having your accounts closed.

  • “This post is a precautionary tale about Packetstream. For those that don’t know, the Packetsteam app runs on your PC and uses your bandwidth/IP for its clients.

The other day I went to log into my Earnably account and I got an account suspended message. Well I sent a ticket and they responded that my IP had accessed more than 3 different accounts…

Well that came as a surprise to me since I hadn’t even logged into my own Earnably account in months. Nothing has changed on my end besides running Packetstream. Another user of packetstream from the beer money discord said he had the exact same thing happen to him on eloot. And another suspension on earnably has also popped up.

When Packetstream announced their program here 4 months ago, this was brought up as a potential issue. And they said they would look into creating a blacklist of sites their clients could not access. 4 months later and it appears protecting us is not their priority.

After a great start, Packetstream was barely earning 1-2 cents a day for me. Definitely not enough to put my other programs in jeopardy. if You are still running it, you might want to consider stopping.”

Packetstream isn’t the only company that users have concerns about. Honeygain is another. Have a read of this Reddit thread to learn more.

Also, some companies, like LoadTeam, use your PC to mine crypto. This uses your electricity, and you know how expensive electricity is nowadays, right?

Some of these companies say they don’t access your data or files, and that they block users from going to malicious or harmful websites, but when it comes down to it, you really don’t know what your IP is being used for. That’s why selling internet bandwidth isn’t for everyone.

Closing Thoughts on Selling Your Internet Bandwidth

I would say that selling internet bandwidth is not a good side hustle.

It doesn’t pay particularly well for a start. Sure, doing surveys or tasks on reward websites doesn’t pay you $100s either. However, those sites aren’t risky.

This brings me to my next reason for not recommending this option…

Selling your internet bandwidth comes with risks.

You don’t know how others are going to use your IP and that’s not really a risk worth taking for a few extra dollars per month.

Selling data through companies like SurveySavvy is a safer option. And, other good options for making money on the side include:

Overall, if you are going to try this side hustle, IPRoyal Pawns is likely your best option. Still, I think there are safer ways to earn money.

If you don’t mind someone using your internet though, give it a try! Otherwise, try other options for making money instead.