Earn Money by Doing Voice-Over Work

Method Stats:

  • Setup time: a few hours –you’ll need to put together your recording equipment and software in addition to signing up on sites
  • Age threshold:18+
  • Time of payment: ten days after project completion, every month, or every week – varies between sites

Voice-over work is an excellent way to make money fast. Since most voice-over jobs are project-based, a long-term commitment isn’t required.

Companies are always looking for new voice-over talents to narrate audiobooks, advertisements, commercials, trailers, demonstration videos, and audio guides.

How much you earn from voice-over projects depends on your experience, the project’s type, and the script’s length. The average salary of voice-over artists in the United States is around $30/hour.

On the other hand, experienced audiobook voice talents can earn up to $200/finished hour – which refers to a book’s reading time.

One of the easiest ways to get started is by creating a profile on a freelance marketplace like Upwork and responding directly to voice-over job ads. Joining freelance websites is an excellent way to test the waters and compare available jobs.

The Voice-Over Jobs page on the Upwork website

Alternatively, sign up for Voices or ACX, which connect voice-over talents with clients and audiobook narrators with authors.

A good voice-over talent is versatile and dynamic. They can bring a script to life no matter the topic. With audiobooks, a consistent narrative voice, excellent articulation skills, and the ability to voice different characters are crucial.

Try out sample scripts and see which niche fits your voice and style the best. Since producing high-quality audio is crucial for this job, investing in a good microphone and recording software is a must. Also, try to minimize background noise when recording audio samples.